Update on HMRC Consultation on CIP 14 (2015) – Article 123 EC Regulation: 1186/2009

In conjunction with BAR, the Overseas Group continues to lobby and make written representation to HMRC regarding the implementation of Article 123 EC Regulation: 1186/2009 and the significant impact that this will have on BAR Member companies, specifically, around customs clearance of UK imports of household effects destined to EC Member States.

Despite our continued efforts, it is understood that the enforcement of this rule will be implemented on 1st November 2015; therefore, it is imperative that you consult with your clients and/or international agents now to advise them of this rule change, in order to overcome any potential issues with shipments received after this date.

You will also have to consider how you will handle Non EC shipments routed via the UK for final delivery to other EC member states, which require customs clearance under the new rules, due to the inevitable financial and logistical impact that this will have on your business; this may include agreeing new commercial arrangements with your clients/agents.

BAR will continue to seek further clarification from HMRC on the regulations, and have already requested more information on the required processes to pass onto Members.

For advice on the clearance of non-EC shipments (via the UK) to other EC States, please contact your local Customs Office.

BAR will circulate any further updates as and when they are released, however, in the meantime, Members are advised to refer to the following article in September’s issue of R&S magazine.

Kind regards

Tony Tickner
Overseas Group, Chairman