Eligible vehicles and trailers (except first test vehicles) have now been given 3 or 12-month exemptions.

First test vehicle and trailer exemptions can only be completed the month before they are due.

You can use MOT test history to find out your new test expiry date.

You can also download a spreadsheet of the vehicles and trailers that have had exemptions applied to their original test dates at: http://assets.dft.gov.uk/dvsa/datasets/heavy-vehicle-mot-expiry-dates.csv

The spreadsheet does not contain all vehicles and trailers due their first test. You will need to check the MOT history to see if your MOT exemption has been applied.

Which vehicles/trailers need a test in December 2020?

Mandatory tests will be required for vehicles and trailers which do not qualify for a longer exemption. These are:

  • Vehicles given a 3-month exemption in September 2020

You can use MOT test history to check your vehicle and trailer test expiry dates.

What advice has been given to ATFs?

We continue to remind ATFs about the vehicle/trailer tests they should prioritise. The highest priority are those which legally need a test.

  1. Vehicles/trailers legally due a test within a month
  2. Vehicles/trailers going on international journeys
  3. Dangerous goods vehicles
  4. Specialist vehicle types (e.g. refuse vehicles, gritters)
  5. Prohibition clearances

Source: DVLA