Further bad news for the moving industry in Europe was announced this week as the US President extended a pause on some green cards and most working visas for foreign workers, while the European Union (EU) consider adding Americans to travelers not permitted to enter Europe.

The extension of the of the visa suspension by President Donal Trump is aimed at protecting American jobs and will impact both executives of European countries and high-skilled tech workers, together with non-agricultural seasonal helpers and au pairs.  The restrictions will only apply to new work visas and not to existing visa holders already in the United States, but it is understood that visa holders currently outside the USA will not be allowed to return.

In total, the freeze on green cards and visas will impact about 525,000 people, including L visas for managers and other key employees of multinational corporations which are seen as an important target market for the European moving industry involved in exporting household goods to the United States.

At the same time, international household goods imports could also be affected if the EU add travelers from the United States to the list of countries restricted from entering Europe.  Brazil and Russia have already been identified as countries that may be excluded from the ‘safe list’.