The Chartered Trading Standards Institute’s (CTSI), Head of Policy Craig McClue, said that the UK’s trading standards system is not ready for a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

The Head of Policy’s statement is in response to a No-Deal Readiness Report by the Department for Exiting the European Union released this week.

On page 127, the report states:

“The trading standards and regulatory services system would transition into UK law from EU law. While this would not cause significant change, local councils would no longer have access to EU databases.”

CTSI Head of Policy Craig McClue responded,

“Yes, the network and regulatory changes will be sudden, and that brings risks on its own because the Statutory Instruments are untested without consultation. Another weak point is that many Trading Standards services are not fully trained on new conformity assessments and marks.

“Trading Standards has also seen its budget reduced by more than 50% over the past five years, and service capacity is far below what it should be to deal with sudden shocks to our regulatory system.

“The UK’s trading standards system is not ‘no deal’ ready.”

CTSI CEO Leon Livermore added:

“The CTSI is concerned about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. A lack of a deal will provide challenges to the UK trading standards system because cross border data sharing will cease. We hope the government reaches an agreement that maintains the existing links between UK Trading Standards and our colleagues in EU member states.”