As you have previously been advised, BAR Overseas Group is in contact with HMRC, and continues to seek clarification the issues surrounding the launch of the new ToR procedures.We have promised to advise you when we have any updates and to that we have received the attached document in response to the questions that we had initially raised with them. Those responses received have raised a number of other questions that will require further clarifications from HMRC and we are again in communication with them to seek those clarifications. We are also pressing for a confirmation of the date for us to formally meet with them to discuss these issues directly, together with the need for them to include our involvement as a key stakeholder group in any future consultation that would affect our market place.

Once again, we would be grateful if you would refer any questions or concerns that you or any of your trade colleagues might have, directly to the Overseas Group, at the British Association of Removers, rather than forward random, often conflicting, opinion directly to HMRC. Our experience with them to date has been that they are poor communicators, however we are now in contact with someone who appears to be equally as keen as we are to provide the absolute clarity that is needed and long overdue.

Again as we have advised previously, and until the new pre online application process is live, we recommend that you continue to use the manual system C3, C5 & C104a forms as per the norm. At the same time you should also prepare for the forthcoming changes, and ready yourself to offer guidance to your customers accordingly on the new procedures.

Please avoid sharing this information with overseas agents until such time as we have received definitive answers from HMRC. BAR is also communicating with major trade associations worldwide and although it is inevitable that information will be released, it is better that all information is disseminated accurately through our own association.

We will update you all again in due course.

Kind regards

Ian Palmer

BAR Overseas Group Chairman