Top 10 Social Media Tips for your Business from Propertymark

Social media is a great tool to raise your profile, position yourself as an expert, find new business opportunities and stay current. The reliance on social media for news and updates has grown massively in recent years and we want to show you how to make the most of it.

Social media is an essential part of any business, with 317 million people actively using Twitter and market leader Facebook boasting 1.71 billion monthly users.

With around 2.34 billion social media users worldwide covering a plethora of platforms including Snapchat, LinkedIn and Instagram, harnessing the power of social media is key if you are looking to grow your business.

Here are our top ten tips for effective social media management:

1. Make your content relevant
Deliver posts that educate, entertain, inspire and inform to reach a wider audience. Relevant content that is of interest will encourage readers to connect and share your posts.

2. Post frequently
Consistently delivering content will increase engagement. Know the best days and times to post for your industry and demographics. Keep in mind that different social media platforms may not have the same peak times.

3. Use videos, pictures & infographics
Content which includes a relevant image is 90% more likely to be viewed than a post with no image. Using a range of visual formats peaks reader’s interests. YouTube videos, custom images and infographics are an easy way to help attract more followers.

4. Consider using paid advertising
Facebook algorithms can affect the organic reach of your posts and how many people actually see them. Facebook advertising allows you to select your target audience and track your analytics from as little as £1 a day. Two million small to medium businesses are already advertising on Facebook, using it as an effective marketing tool.

5. Use hashtags strategically
Use memorable hashtags that are relevant to your company and posts. Hashtags categorize your Tweets and help them show more easily in the Twitter search. Adding tags to your posts is a great way to find new followers and amplify your message.

6. Manage your time
It is easy to get carried away and spend hours crafting the perfect post. Time management is key to social media success so make sure you set a time limit for drafting your content.

7. Engage with your audience
Comments can be both positive and negative and it is important to show your followers that you are responsive. Building relationships with your followers and engaging with them directly shows that you are listening and open to feedback.

8. Create a content library
It can sometimes be hard and time-consuming to come up with content on the fly. Creating a social media content library that you dip into when you can’t think of any content to post can be very useful. These could be generic company posts, event advertisements or ‘top tips’ guides.

9. Don’t overcomplicate it
Not every post is a masterpiece (just look at Donald Trump’s Twitter feed). Simple is often better, especially when you are trying to get a message across. Short, snappy posts will grab the reader’s attention.

10. Have fun
Why does marketing have to be so serious? Social media is supposed to be fun; witty writing and humorous puns (whilst remaining professional) will draw in your audience. Sometimes all your readers want is a good laugh and to see a picture of a cute dog.

Source: Naea Propertymark