This week, I thought I’d just look into the recent stats to see how the market is doing compared to the past couple of years. We’ll take a look at both the sales and rental market covering the whole of the UK.

Firstly, lets have a look at the Sales market, week on week in 2021:

So what we see towards the bottom of this table (the most recent weeks) is generally small declines in volumes of both property coming to the market and also sales being agreed.

However, when we look at this data and compare it to the last 2 years, we see the below:











New properties coming to the market are at the lowest they’ve been in each 3 years – 2019 through to 2021. Stock levels are remaining low throughout the UK.

However, although Sales Agreed volumes are lower than this time last year, we see that there are still more sales being agreed than in 2019 – the last “normal” market that we can compare to.

And then let’s take a quick look at the same data for the Rental market. Firstly week on week in 2021:

With the rental market we see that there’s been a drop off recently on new property coming to the market, but let agreed volumes have remained pretty static, with small increases in recent weeks.

But how does this look when compared to the last couple of years:

As with the sales market, the volume of new properties coming to the market recently is at the lowest it’s been in 2019 through to 2021.

However, unlike the sales market, this is also reflected in the number of properties being Let Agreed too, with volumes at the lowest they’ve been in the same years.

Is this to do with renters entering and creating demand in the buyers market? I’m not sure I can answer that question correctly so I won’t, but it is a possibility.


Source: TwentyCi