The RHA is opposing DfT’s proposed revisions to the Highway Code regarding road safety and legal liability for road users. 

The proposal to make the drivers of larger vehicle automatically take more responsibility for accidents is the start of a shift in the legal liability for road users – a move towards a presumption of guilt for those driving the largest vehicles.

Tom Cotton, Policy-Infrastructure England and Wales said “It is concerning that the Government is moving away from the concept that road safety is a responsibility all road users share.  We all need to take responsibility for our own and others safety when using the roads.   We already require those driving larger vehicles to be better trained than all other road users, training and the licensing system already creates a hierarchy that supports road safety. The Highway Code hierarchy proposal, while well intentioned, is wrong.” The other proposal objected to by the RHA is a new rules that gives cyclist a right of way to undertake turning vehicles.  This will require vehicles turning left to give way to cyclists coming from behind.

The RHA believes that this proposal must be dropped. Tom Cotton continued: “The proposal to give cyclists a special rule that gives them a right of way to pas a tuning vehicle is dangerous, it simply defies logic to promote a maneuver that puts cyclist in the dangerous & vulnerable position on the road.
The consultation can be found here.