The brand new BAR Commercial Moving Group (CMG) website provides you with access to FREE information, advice, guides and easy to use tools. In addition, instant connection to qualified, approved and accredited commercial removals specialists to make sure that your office move happens on time, to budget and with the minimum hassle and disruption to your business.

Moving offices can be a complicated, time consuming, stressful and potentially expensive journey into an unknown world. But there are certain factors that YOU can control, if you understand how to prepare for your relocation.

Learn and prepare

Any office move requires a great deal of planning and careful thought beforehand, this is why the BAR Commercial Moving Group (CMG) launched its website in May 2012, to provide very practical and immediate assistance to Facility Managers looking to organise a commercial move in the public or private sectors. This new website is able to provide FREE information to Facility Managers such as:

  • Checklists, guides and interactive documents covering every aspect of an office move, to help plan and prepare an office move, right through to the actual move-in day and beyond. The relocation guides includes advice for Facility Managers to download free of charge top-line information for a successful office relocation to help you through each step of the move planning process – Timetable, Moving Office Budget, Office Space Checklist, IT & Telecoms Checklist, Employment Law Checklist, and many more.
  • Hints and tips on choosing a remover, writing a tender document and pricing – When compiling a tender document for a commercial relocation service, or writing a brief for a particular project, there are useful topics you need to include. Our moving resources page will allow you to gain an understanding of what Facility Managers should look for before contracting with a Commercial Removals Company. Visitors will also be able to download free of charge a Commercial Moving Tender Sample
  • Information about the commercial moving process & criteria – Finding a moving company when planning a relocation is only one part of the process that you should follow. The goal is not for you to become commercial removal experts, as by using a reliable moving company you will be able to count on their expertise for every detail along the way.  However, to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible, and help you stay on budget, it is always good to have basic understanding of the commercial moving process and criteria, and the CMG website will give you useful information about Management Process, Space Planning, Relocation services available, Storage solutions, Filing solutions, Packing material, Recycling and disposal, key elements to include in a relocation tender, pricing, the BS8522 quality standard, and anything else you should know before contracting for commercial moving services.

Work with the right partner

The most successful moves are achieved through partnership, trust, and a complete understanding of each other’s needs; this is why all members of the The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) understands that legal compliance is a key part of a successful relationship between a mover and their client. This is why they make sure that they answer your needs, and to add value to the relocation process they of course fully understand the requirements of Health & Safety, Energy, HR, Environment, Waste, Security, Data Protection and Security, Food safety, Building design, Physical access, Confidentiality,  Business continuity, and so on.
All CMG Members provide a professional and comprehensive commercial moving service, and offer to dispose of surplus furniture, electrical items, waste, and confidential paper for their clients. They must comply at all times with the latest regulations, and their continued commitment to consistency is embodied in the bespoke British Standard for Commercial Moving BS 8522 which ensures that they deliver predictable, high quality, relocation outcomes for every customer, regardless of size, location, or business sector.

Follow the tips from the industry experts at BAR…

  • Preparation – Make sure you know exactly what items are to be moved, stored and/or scrapped.
  • Consistency – Take each moving contractor around your premises separately, making sure that the same Member of your staff is present each time to avoid mixed messages.
  • Constraints – Ensure that your contractor is made aware of any restricted access at the origin and destination. e.g. lifts, parking facilities and hours of operation etc.
  • Timing – Save money by planning your timetable carefully, as summer-time and weekends are peak activity periods in the moving industry. Give as much notice as possible to your moving contractor.
  • Evaluation – Beware of buying on price alone – what matters most and costs least is a successful result. You should expect a range of +/- 20% in the prices quoted, as otherwise you may not be getting a true ‘like for like’ quotation.
  • References – rather than accept customers’ references at face value, you should visit the prospective mover’s premises. This will give you an excellent opportunity to see the standard of their operational facility, allowing you to make a properly considered decision on your choice of contractor.

Knowledge Is the Key to Success…

So, If you are planning to relocate your business soon, require some information about commercial removing, get a quotation, or simply need to speak to an expert to help you plan your prospective move, please visit