by BAR

We are really excited to announce that BAR will have one of the main exhibits of the day to display BAR Member’s vintage removals vehicles during the Surrey county show taking place in Stoke Park, Guilford on the 4th June 2012.

We are offering our Members the fantastic opportunity to participate and exhibit their vintage removals vehicles free of charge and benefit from a maximum of exposure!

Leading up to the show 25000 leaflets and 5000 posters will be distributed and displayed in shops and various other outlets. In additional the event will be promoted on sideboards in 4 counties, and advertised on leading magazine, newspaper and trade paper.

The BAR vintage removals vehicles being one of the main attraction of the day, the surrey county show won’t miss the opportunity to mention it everywhere they can!

If you have a vintage removal vehicle, this is an amazing opportunity for your company to benefit from free marketing and PR during the month leading up to the event and on the day.

Your vintage vehicle(s) will be presented twice during the day during the parade and include a commentary presenting your company and your vehicle. In addition you will have access to the press tent, so this is your chance to might get an article in a newspaper and increase your visibility!

It is also for BAR and its Members the change to raise the BAR badge and profile together if front of a very relevant audience of potential customers.
This opportunity to be one of the 12 is definitely something you shouldn’t think twice about! If you would like to participate to this event enter your vintage vehicle(s) in the 2012 BAR Conference vehicle competition and you will be able to participate to this event at no extra cost!

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis so to enter contact us as soon as possible on 01923699483.