Self Storage

Self-storage is a storage solution where individuals or businesses rent storage space (usually known as ‘storage units’) to house their belongings in a storage facility.

These secure storage facilities are often alongside busy roads for high visibility or in industrial/retail parks. Most offer a variety of unit sizes from small lockers to units large enough to store the contents of an entire home.

Self-storage is usually more expensive than container storage but benefits customers in a number of ways:

For Individuals

  1. Moving home: Self-storage provides customers with space to store their belongings in. This can be helpful for people who are downsizing, decluttering their home for viewings or moving (but not able to move in to their new home yet).
  2. Decluttering: It can be used as a way to declutter a home and free up living space.
  3. Seasonal: Self-storage units can provide seasonal storage for sporting equipment or clothing where storage space in the home is limited, which is especially relevant in smaller new homes.
  4. Access: You can usually access your unit in the facility at any time during their opening hours. Most (but not all) self-storage facilities are open to customers 24-hours a day, seven days a week. For units not on the ground floor there will likely be lift access or a forklift service to lift heavy items to the designated floor.
  1. Flexible: Self-storage is a flexible storage solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the consumer. Consumers can choose the size and type of storage unit they need, and they can rent the unit for as long or as short a period as they require.
  2. Secure: Self-storage facilities are designed to be secure, providing customers with peace of mind that their belongings are safe. Most have gated access and security cameras, with padlocks for individual units. Some facilities are adding phone or keypad access for further security.

For businesses

In addition to the all the benefits for individuals, businesses can utilise self-storage as an integrated part of their operations, with ready access an important factor:

  1. Self-storage offers flexible storage for online or retail businesses
  2. Excess furniture or archived documents can be safely and securely stored and, accessed when required
  3. Larger units (indoor or outdoor) can enable pallet storage or oversized goods storage
  4. Some facilities can allow and accept deliveries
  5. Flexible office space is possible in some self-storage facilities or as part of a multi-enterprise facility, even allowing customer access

Self-storage provides both individuals and businesses alike with flexible storage (and working) solutions with the convenience of access.

Self-storage provides both individuals and businesses alike with flexible storage (and working) solutions with the convenience of access.