The RHA has welcomed the Government’s progress towards making smart motorways safer and has pledged to help ministers do more to raise awareness across the industry.

Officials have confirmed that the technology which spots stopped or broken-down vehicles will be in place before any new ‘All Lane Running’ (ALR) motorway is opened. Furthermore, existing ALR motorways will have the technology fitted six months earlier than originally planned.

RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett said he was pleased to hear the Government’s pledge as Highways England publishes the ‘Smart motorways stocktake first year progress report 2021’. But he said officials could make the roads even safer by shortening gaps between refuge areas, and better educating road users.

“This is a positive move from the Government, and we welcome the programme of improvements they’ve promised,” he said.

“Smart motorways increase journey efficiency but more needs to be done to help people understand how they work and boost their confidence in using them to improve safety.”

He said it’s essential that a Driver CPC module dedicated to using smart motorways is mandated for commercial vehicle drivers.

Mr Burnett welcomed ministers’ commitment to updating the Highway Code with new guidance on using high speed roads, and urged them to undertake a comprehensive campaign to increase awareness.

“We will support the Government to promote smart motorway safety across our sector.” he added.


Source: The RHA