The RHA acknowledges the progress announced on a draft Brexit agreement between the UK and EU.

The Association says it’s an important step given there is currently no workable solution for EU-UK cross border road haulage by March 2019.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: “Whatever the outcome of negotiations a transition period is essential – it would be catastrophic for the supply chain if we didn’t have one.

“We must have the time to put in place processes to allow lorries to continue to cross borders without delays.”

Theresa May faces a crunch cabinet meeting to win colleagues’ support amid calls to reject the deal from both senior Brexiteer and some Remain supporters.

The draft is seen as a significant moment in the long running negotiations between London and Brussels.

The RHA has not seen the deal and isn’t commenting on details or supporting the content.

It argues the haulage trade doesn’t have clear instructions on what to do after March 2019 and clarity is badly needed as lack of preparation and organisation has frustrated logistics and wider business.