BAR members will have read QSS’ article on page 34 of the June R&S magazine on this topic and it may have raised questions in your minds as to whether this is how QSS/BAR will be conducting all inspections and audits in the future.

The simple answer is – No – this system has been brought in during the COVID-19 outbreak to allow the BAR and QSS to continue to monitor compliance to BAR rules and criteria and standard requirements (as appropriate).

The BAR and QSS are considering whether we may move to a new system, where the client has the technical capacity to have a remote desktop inspection/audit completed, of a physical on-site inspection one year and a remote desktop inspection the following year.

This has potential benefits for all parties – BAR/QSS can reduce their carbon footprint and travel costs all of which help to drive down the costs of operating the Association keeping membership subscriptions as low as possible and the client has an inspection/audit completed over a much longer time range (the inspector will advise what needs to be sent to them and this can be done weeks in advance of an inspection) reducing time and resource pressure incurred during a physical site visit.

Some of you will have concerns and doubts in the matter so here follows some recent client feedback where remote desktop inspections have been completed:

“I found the flexibility of performing this audit virtually really helpful.  I didn’t want to wait until after lockdown had been removed as no one has any idea how long that is going on for.  Full credit to Robert and QSS for making this happen.” (Alexanders Removals, London)

‘Nothing can beat a visit by a QSS professional auditor to see for themselves how a business is organised and operates. However, this need not be every year and the remote surveillance visit on alternate years by sampling Customer files and internal meeting reports remotely seems an excellent way of ensuring that a company is compliant to the standard(s).  It not only saves management time but is a saving on paying travelling costs of the skilled auditor and makes better use of their time. Consider a zoom meeting with management as part of the process by the auditor.’ (Anonymous)

“As always Robert is very thorough and made the process easy to manage remotely due to the current circumstances with lots of communication.” (BHL Removals, Hitchin)

For more information, or if you have any questions or concerns about adopting remote desktop inspections, please contact your allocated inspector or e-mail QSS General Manager David Woodhouse on