The deal recently negotiated by the UK Government provides a framework for continued open transport access between the UK and EU for both businesses and consumers.

We do not want or expect a no deal scenario. It is however the duty of a responsible Government to continue to prepare for a range of potential outcomes including the unlikely event of no deal.

So you can prepare contingency plans for the unlikely event of a ‘no deal’, you can apply for an ECMT permit to continue operating in the EU after 29 March 2019.

Applying for permits

Applications for 2019 permits are open. You can apply any time before 11:59pm on Friday 21 December 2018.

Permits are not allocated on a first come first served basis, so you can apply at any time during the application period. The application period ends on 21 December 2018 and permits will be allocated in early 2019.

You’ll need to be registered on the online Vehicle Operator Licensing system to apply.

Source: DVSA