Internal Auditing is a mandatory requirement of many quality standards including particularly ISOs 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001.  If not obligatory, for some it is strongly recommended as a means of monitoring an organisation’s performance and compliance with the standards to which it is certified.

When properly completed and followed-up, internal audits can also be an extremely useful management tool.  In addition to the above, they can reveal inefficient or undesirable practices that can otherwise go unnoticed. By bringing these to the attention of the business owners or senior management, internal auditors can play an invaluable role in initiating cost savings and service improvements.

Following feedback from a number of member firms, QSS is holding a 1-day internal auditing course in the BAR HQ building in Watford on Wednesday 31st October 2018.  The course will commence at 10am and would conclude 3/4pm.

Subject to very good demand this course is now nearly full and a second date has been set for Tuesday 27th November 2018 – same venue, timing and cost.

The course will be focussed on removal and storage activities and reflect typical real-life scenarios and examples relevant to daily work. Several interactive case studies are included that many previous delegates have found to be especially helpful in understanding the practical aspects of auditing.

Previous course participants have come from large multi-branch organisations down to relatively small, single site operators with a  significant mix of skills and experience – some delegates had carried out a number of audits and were looking for a refresher whilst many (the majority) were new to the activity and appreciated being shown the basics.

Feedback has included many positive comments such as the following:

“The trainer knew how to apply the facts to the business module so that it all made sense and applied to our daily work”

“Relaxed format and flexible approach. Excellent course, highly knowledgeable presenters”

“Relevant and common sense approach. Very well judged for the things I have to audit”

“Informative, engaging and you broke it up nicely with the fun quizzes”

“As a “newbie” I picked up a lot of useful info on the subject and it was helpful to get input from others doing the job”.

The cost is £120.00 & Vat per person and there would need to be a minimum of eight persons attending.

For further information or to discuss any further future courses, please contact David Woodhouse at QSS ( or Melissa Fowler ( or phone 01923 699480.