In this issue of our client briefing we are going to take a slight break from reporting on property transactions and look instead at principal property characteristics by the Regions of the UK.

Here at TwentyCi, we are privileged to have a database which we call DOMUS (a Latin word meaning house). DOMUS provides the “DNA” of a dwelling, delivering the attributes and characteristics specific to any one of the 33 million residential properties in the UK.

Whilst DOMUS contains hundreds of fields of information, today we will focus on a small number of outside features – namely Gardens, Garages and Driveways. This analysis has many uses for a wide range of different sectors and categories. To name a few, you might be a retailer of gardening equipment, garage doors, driveways, cars or even an energy provider assessing places to install e-Vehicle chargers.

Properties with Gardens

Nationally, about three quarters of all properties in the UK have a Garden, so it is one of the most popular characteristics of UK property. Given the fact that we are currently in National Lockdown 2, it is arguably also one of the most important property characteristics for mental health reasons.

You would naturally assume that properties in Inner London are less likely to have gardens, and you would be correct. The following chart however shows us that the UK region where properties are least likely than average to have a garden is Scotland.

Scotland at 18% is then followed by Northern Ireland at 13% less likely. Interestingly, properties in Outer London are slightly more likely to have a garden than the national average.

The key takeout however from the above chart is no matter where you are in the UK, presence of a garden does not actually differ by that much.

Properties with Driveways

Nationally, about half of all properties in the UK have a Driveway and unlike Gardens, there is much more variability throughout the regions of the UK.

The following chart (to the same scale as the one above) shows us whether regions of the UK are more or less likely to have driveways on their properties.

Here, you can see that if you live in Inner London, you are 44% less likely to have a driveway, which will come as no surprise to most of us given the premium for space. However, both Scotland and Northern Ireland are again less likely to contain driveways on their properties.

Regions most likely to have a driveway on the property are the East of England and the East Midlands. Once again, properties in Outer London are more likely than the national average to have this feature.

Properties with Garages

Nationally, about one third of all properties in the UK have a Garage and out of the three characteristics we have looked at, there is the most variability throughout the regions of the UK.

The above chart follows a similar pattern to presence of Driveways, but the bars are more extreme. If you live in Inner London, you are 70% less likely to have a garage on your property than the national average. Again, we see that Scotland and Northern Ireland come off second worst.


The East Midlands and the East of England are most likely to have properties with Garages.


We will of course look at other property characteristics in the next few client briefings, but our focus will change to look at the size of properties and internal characteristics.


Source: TwentyCi