Squab Group

This 7.5T truck with containerised body in the distinctive Squab livery has a containerised body that allows up to three 250cubic ft furniture containers to be moved. It is also equiped with tie rails throughout for the securing of loads, a platform and ramps for easy loading/unloading and a sleeper pod, complete with night heater, for up to two people to sleep in the truck.

Squab’s fleet of vehicles are satellite tracked and have a navigation system installed with simple telematics for monitoring the vehicle’s activity. It is also equiped with a wide angled camera for safety and security considerations. This truck is used to service on and off removals as well as moving goods in to and out of store.

Its size means that it is still incredibly useful in those situations where vehicular access is very tight. 7.5T vehicles such as this have been a good starter vehicle for those drivers wishing to progress to driving an HGV, and historically drivers had the ability to drive this class of truck included on their driving license automatically if they passed their test before 1997. 

Squab Group

Age: 2013

Vehicle Make: DAF

Vehicle Type/Model: 7.5T truck containerised body