Specialised Movers

The 1957 Ford Thames Fordson E83W, was purchased in 1993 by Specialised Movers. The vehicle had been found by a previous owner in a garage under tons of rubble and a dedicated team took 3 days with shovels and buckets to salvage the vehicle. This was the first time “Old Yorkie” had seen daylight for 10 years and during the next 2 years the van was totally rebuilt.

Having acquired the vehicle, Specialised Movers own fitters totally dismantled the E83W and rebuilt it to the last nut and bolt. Finally the vehicle was resprayed with 7 coats of paint and all the woodwork polished and stained. The engine is a 4 cylinder side valve petrol engine, with a 3 speed crash gearbox and every year the vehicle is sent for its test and never fails. 

Specialised Movers

Age: 1957

Vehicle Make: Ford

Vehicle Type/Model: Thames Fordson