Project Description

Specialised Movers

Carole Shaw, co-owner of Specialised Movers purchased this lovingly restored Guy Vixen in 2011 as a christmas present for husband Nigel. The truck has been meticulously restored and maintained and, in a year that marks the 30th anniversary of the closure of the company that built it, it remains an an impressive testament to the skills of the craftsmen of the day. The Guy Vixen is powered by the Meadows 6 cylinder petrol engine with transmission through the 4 speed crash gearbox. The roof has been completely re-canvassed, and in the old traditional manner, old oil paint from previous vehicle paints and waste was mixed in a warm caldron then thickly painted on the roof to make the perfect waterproof seal. 

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Specialised Movers

Age: 1938

Vehicle Make: Guy

Vehicle Type/Model: Vixen