Project Description


This multi purpose vehicle is a Mercedes Actros Road Train, which has a swop body intermodal freight design with the a capacity to carry 8 storage containers. The swop body function is facilitated by a pneumatic lifting system, and incorporates ISO 20ft container interchangeable load compartments. The multi modal vehicle sleeps 2 operatives, has a 1,500 mile range fuel tank and is powered by a Euro 6 – 360hp engine. The high volume capacity is well suited to completing moves into/out of store, and of course long distance high capacity intra European freight routings. The swop body and trailer technology enables a fast turnaround of the vehicle at operational hubs by swapping over with preloaded bodies and at the same time, it affords excellent access to domestic residences by using front half of road train and when the first half load space has been emptied, simply, swap the bodies over and unload the second using only the drive train unit.

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Age: 2019

Vehicle Make: Mercedes

Vehicle Type/Model: Actros Road Train