Michael Gerson

The vehicle was built in 1902 by Purdey’s of Nine Elms. At that time a move from London to Brighton was a long distance move, involving two days journey and this van, which is a Tunnel Van, was designed on small wheels so that it could be loaded on a rail flat car (notice the curved configuration at the rear) and when the town boards are folded down it can pass through railway tunnels, so not only is it a truly authentic vehicle, but it is also a specialist one appropriate for Michael Gerson’s business i.e. long distance and overseas, moving.

Superbly restored and sign written authentically in period style (please note there are no telephone numbers or postal codes appearing on the sign writing!). In November 1998 this vehicle was used to deliver the move of the then new Lord Mayor, The Rt. Hon the Lord Levene of Portsoken KBE, and the Lady Mayoress to Mansion House in a style befitting to a Carmen Lord Mayor. The Pantechnicon is equipped with a single pole and twin poles to enable the vehicle to be operated with one horse, two or three horses. 

Age: 1902

Vehicle Make: Horse Drawn Pantechnicon

Vehicle Type/Model: Tunnel Van