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Janus International has been designing, manufacturing and building self storage facilities since December 1990. With manufacturing plants in Brisbane, London and Singapore, we are a global leader in the field of self-storage design and construction. Every project we undertake is tailored to our customers’ requirements and we produce everything in house to fulfil their needs – from expert advice on site location through to design, manufacture and fitting out a self-storage facility.

No matter where in the world you are located, no matter the size of your project, we can provide you with a solution that suits your requirements. As an affiliate BAR member, we are in regular contact with members from the removers and storage industry.

We have built a number of self-storage facilities for existing BAR members, but we also aim to provide alternative solutions where possible.

Talking to a number of BAR members, we came up with the idea for Steel Stak – a storage box that is stackable, durable, ventilated and lockable and therefore a secure solution to store your customers’ belongings.

Find out more about this exciting new product or any of our other products in the product section of our Website or simply contact us using the contact information shown on the right hand side.

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Member No: S103

Unit B, Rugby Road, Twickenham,
Richmond upon Thames TW1 1DQ

Telephone: 0208 744 9444