Project Description

DKV Euro Service

DKV Euro Service, leading service provider to the passenger – and transport industry, offers the best all-in-one solution on fuel and toll payments, VAT recovery and excise duty refunding.

Already more than 120,000 customers over 42 countries rely on the advantages DKV has to offer by way of adding efficiency, transparency and reliability to passenger and transport companies. Not only by the many services of the DKV Card which can be used at more than 60,000 acceptance points, but also in offering innovative on- and offline tools for all customers.

Our key values: operational excellence, costs management, compliance, continuity and flexibility.

You drive, we care.

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Member No: D319

WALSERIJ 50,2211SL Noorwijkerhout, Netherlands, 2210 AA

Telephone: 0031 252 345665