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About Us

We’ve been on our mission to make money transfer better since 1996. Currency and money transfer is our passion, and we’ve enjoyed the wonderful journey we’ve taken to arrive at the service we offer you today.

Expand your reach – Make payments in over 40 currencies. We keep it simple, offer competitive exchange rates and deliver on time, every time.

Increase efficiency – Reduce your workload, prevent errors and eliminate manual entry using our Multiple Payments Solution.

Take control, reduce risk – Access your online account and make payments 24/7. Use our currency tools to secure your desired rate and protect against unexpected market movement.

Fast, reliable and transparent – Minimise the need for intermediary banks, decrease fees and ensure payments are accurate. Know your costs and avoid hidden fees by sending local currency.

Partner with an expert – With expertise in foreign exchange and aggregated market forecasting, we help you make smart decisions and use the best solutions for your business.

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