Cartwright CS LTD

A professional UK Customs Agent, based in Southampton, providing Customs services to the freight industry – Customs Clearance, Transit Movements (T1) and Consultations.

As part of being a Customs Agent we also arrange, issue and discharge T1s. We have our own transit guarantee as well as have access to others in our network to raise T1s on your behalf.

If you have your own guarantee but want someone to submit on your behalf then we can do this for you. We can add your guarantee to our software and produce T1 Transit documents for you.

We have extensive experience with transit movements so if you are moving goods between the UK and the EU as well as from port to temporary storage facilities we are more than happy to assist. Contact us below for more info.  07752 464 265

Member No: C148

First Floor, Unit 12, Compass Point, Ensign Way, Southampton, SO31 4RA

Telephone: 07752464265