by FairFuelUK Campaign team

A welcome response from the Chancellor but……reacting to news in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement that the January 3p rise in fuel duty is to be scrapped, Quentin Willson, spokesman for FairFuelUK said, ‘This is a victory for FairFuelUK but only a stay of execution. We’ve saved the UK 9p since March in proposed fuel duty rises and we are now the gatekeepers of fuel sanity for this country. We’re going to carry on pressurising this government to keep duty down and reduce it significantly. If we don’t they’ll hike it up again the first chance they get”.

Peter Carroll who runs FairFuelUK said, ‘Adding another 3p a litre at this critical time for the economy would have been economic madness. It’s a little like a sick man being told that he was going to get worse, but then being told he’s not! Like the sick man, the economy is still in a bad way. Petrol & diesel remain far too expensive. We will be fighting on to try and make the Government understand that the economy needs an actual cut in fuel duty – a cut would create jobs, give people a little more disposable income and stimulate the economy. This will mean that the Government and the Chancellor will gain, not lose, by cutting duty’.

Theo De Pencier, Chief Executive of the Freight Transport Association (FTA) said, ‘We have avoided a horrendous New Year’s hangover; January’s rise would have cost the industry around £325m. But while we are relieved that the Chancellor has steered us out of immediate danger, it is obvious that getting the UK back on the road to recovery requires a long term fuel duty strategy, and one which doesn’t make already tough times that much tougher for businesses in an already uncertain economy. Today’s decision will help to keep the wheels of industry turning. But the government must now look at taking more substantive steps to invoke a longer term fuel duty policy that doesn’t punish business, prevent growth and grind those wheels to a halt.’

Geoff Dunning, Chief Executive of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) said, ‘We welcome this news. This will go some way to alleviating the impact of escalating fuel prices for all users. However, this can only be regarded as a short term fix. If the UK is to have any chance of economic recovery it is imperative that a long term solution to this problem be found as a matter of extreme urgency’.

Adrian Tink of the RAC said, ‘It’s a victory for common sense. With people paying in excess of £1300 per year just to go about their daily lives this needs to the first, not the last, step. This is welcome short term relief, but what is the Chancellor’s plan if prices keep going up next year’ The FairFuelUK campaign is backed by the RAC, the RHA and FTA. It achieved a major Parliamentary debate on 15th Nov to discuss the crisis of petrol & diesel prices. MPs from all Parties backed the call for a rethink on fuel duty. The FairFuelUK campaign has attracted the support of more than 200,000 members of the public and over 150 Parliamentarians.

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Thanks again for all your support in the fight for lower petrol and diesel prices

The FairFuelUK Campaign team