Please note, vehicles travelling into the Paris Low Emission Zone must apply for a low emission zone vehicle sticker, and the email confirmation should be carried in the cab as evidence of purchase until the Low Emission zZone sticker arrives. Foreign companies will be able to apply for Paris Low Emission Zone stickers/certificates “Crit’Air Vignette” for their vehicles from 1st February 2017, and enforcement comes in from 1st April 2017 for foreign registered vehicles.  The following site, which is in French does offer a Simulator which can be used to give you an idea of what colour your sticker will be

  • Your registration certificate must be up-to-date, and be sent as an attachment
  • The attachment must be in .pdf, .png or .jpeg format and must not exceed 400kB
  • it is possible to add a second attachment
  • The Air Quality Certificate will be sent to the address you indicate, after verification of the attachment

The RHA suggest that you scan your V5’s to black & white as this helps to reduce the size of the file.

For further information and for details of which vehicles comply please visit www.urbanaccessregulations