New LED speed cameras now looming over roads in Britain

The ‘Yellow Vultures’ have landed! New LED speed cameras that snare drivers on phone, eating or smoking at wheel are now looming over roads in Britain

  • Cameras are place 200 metres apart and record times at which vehicle passes
  • Then a computer works out the average speed car was doing between them
  • Precision technology could mean fines for going 1mph over the speed limit

The new speed camera uses infrared equipment to catch people eating, drinking and smoking behind the wheel.

The ‘yellow vulture’ is designed to catch out motorists who are using their phones, but can also spot people not wearing a seatbelt.

And given their different appearance to the familiar yellow cameras recognised up and down the country, you might not even realise you’ve been caught out.

They have already begun cropping up in the south of England, Devon Live and Essex Live have reported.

If you do spot any, it’s guaranteed that another will be lurking nearby – as two are set at a minimum of 200 metres apart.

They are then synchronised to record the times every vehicle passes, achieving this by reading the number plates.

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