BAR have been made aware that there is a National Strike planned in Portugal which will effect Portuguese Ports.

The strike is expected to take place between the 30th May until the 19th June 2017. The strike is likely to effect people moving to or out of Portugal where they have household goods that need to arrive or leave via these posts. Where for example items are arriving from the UK and being delivered from the UK by road and do not transit any of the Portuguese ports then these consignments will not be effected by the strike.

The ports effected by the planned national strike are likely to include Lisbon, Setubal, Sines, Figueira da Foz Port, Leixoes, Canical e Praia da Vitoria.

We are expecting all household goods moving through the above Portuguese ports will stop. The ports will only guarantee minimum service for high priority containers. Unfortunately household goods are not in the category of priority at these ports.

Containers at the ports held for longer periods than usual will also have additional port charges.

Source: Abels Moving Services Ltd