All BAR Members, Affiliates and International Associates will have received their BAR annual membership sent – 1st July 2020. The invoice will have come from our Accounts Team and will be tailored to the option for payment which you opted for. If a payment option was not received then this will default to option 1 as below:

  • An invoice will be raised on 1st July for the total annual subscription amount, and to include fees for membership of specialist functional group(s), ATN’s etc, relative to the Member status (eg number of branches/locations). The board are happy to confirm that if this option is the preferred payment plan for the Member then payment terms will move out from 30 days following the date of invoice, to 45 days. Thus the subscription invoice will be raised and issued on 1st July 2020 meaning that it would need to be paid on or by 15th August 2020

If you have any queries relating to membership renewals please contact either or

Our focus throughout 2020 and into 2021 will be to deliver even greater value to our Members as we engage with the reality of the ways of working, caused by the pandemic that will become the new normal in our sector. We will continue to build on the work done so far in shaping your Association to meet the needs and aspirations of its Members in the market place of today and tomorrow against that backdrop of a changing world.