Milestone for motorway as junctions 2 to 4a set to open at 70mph

Rush-hour drivers on Tuesday August 1 will be the first to experience the fully upgraded road at 70mph.

Motorists can breathe a massive sigh of relief, as the M3 Smart Motorway between junctions 2 to 4a will open on Tuesday (August 1).

Drivers can reap the benefits of the long-awaited improvements as the smart motorway opens at 70mph.

Highways England said a 13.4 mile section of the motorway between the M25 and Farnborough has had cutting-edge technology installed to detect incidents, actively manage traffic and inform drivers about conditions ahead.

Fourth Lane

The hard shoulder has been converted to a new fourth traffic lane in each direction, boosting capacity by a third on the vital route between London and the south west.

A Highways England spokesman said on Monday (July 31): “Drivers in tomorrow morning’s rush-hour will the first to benefit from the fully upgraded road.

“Main construction on the project was completed overnight on June 30, when the fourth lane was available for use with a 50mph speed limit remaining in place, while testing of the smart motorway technology was finalised.

“The full four lanes will open at 70mph, with the smart motorway technology setting the speed limit to match conditions and helping spot any queuing traffic, incidents or broken down vehicles.”

The first Smart Motorway emergency “refuge” area is being trialled on the M3 near Camberley.

Highways England said the redesigned emergency area has a highly visible orange road surface and clear signs to help improve its visibility to make it more obvious to drivers.

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Source: Get Surrey