Despite the ongoing recession, all of the signs are that the logistics industry has delivered Christmas with its usual good timing, reliability and efficiency. Online shopping, supermarket supplies, mail, food, drink, and all of the other material contributions to the Christmas spirit, have required hundreds of millions of deliveries to arrive on time. And they have, this year with the added benefits of ever later order dates and successfully completed promises.

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for retailing and for the essential logistics industry which supports it. Christmas 2011 seems certain to have seen the biggest ever market for online shopping and thus the fulfilment by the logistics industry on which it all depends.

Geoff Dossetter, Chairman of the Freight Logistics Industry Image Group says “This year, more than ever before, millions of delighted customers will have been grateful for the ability to search and select their purchases online, knowing that they could order with confidence that their goods would be delivered to their home as promised.

“At the same time thousands of shops in malls, out-of-town centres and high streets, have all been full of goods delivered by the increasingly smart logistics industry, as have food and drink for pubs and restaurants. Whether for long-distance trunking, regional distribution, shop or home deliveries, the ability of the logistics industry to adapt to the huge demands of its busiest time of the year with slick efficiency is a great credit to all of those engaged in the work – warehouse staff, drivers, transport office personnel and managers. They should all be thanked and congratulated.”

Logistics employs some 2.2 million people across 196,000 companies, and annual turnover is in the order of £75 billion.

Geoff Dossetter said “We take the efficiency of the logistics industry for granted – we expect goods to be delivered to the shop or the home on time and in the right quantity and condition, and they are. During December we must have seen literally hundreds of millions of successful deliveries. But the reality behind this achievement is a highly complex and sophisticated process of supply chain management and operation which results in these items being delivered to the right location, at the right time with no delay or problem.

“In 2011 the logistics industry has achieved a higher than ever success rate for the mutual benefit of suppliers, retailers and consumers.”

The five members of the Freight Logistics Industry Image Group are the British Association of Removers, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, the Freight Transport Association, the Road Haulage Association, and the sector skills council Skills for Logistics. The group is chaired by Geoff Dossetter, a long time industry spokesman.

Notes for Editors

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