Keeping Safe in Europe – Contact Numbers

BAR have received some information from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office providing important contact numbers while travelling in Europe;

0800 789 321 – Anti-Terrorist Hotline

112 – European Emergency number – If you are victim or witness of an accident in a country of the European Union.

15 – Medical Emergency Services (SAMU) – To obtain the intervention of a medical team for a critical situation, or to be directed towards a medical centre.

17 – Police Services – To signal an incident that need the immediate attention of the Police.

18 – Fire Services (Pompiers) – To signal a dangerous situation or an accident regarding goods or people in order to obtain an immediate intervention.

144 – Emergency number for people who are hard of hearing or deaf  – If you are victim or witness of an incident this number is accessible by fax and text messages.

Please click here to view a publication provided by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

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