“You drive, we care.” has been the DKV Euro Service slogan for many years. We live up to it by providing products and services to you and your company.

The “care” aspect goes for our own people as well. So, together with the DKV Euro Service Benelux team, as from now, colleagues will be working from home in view of the measures taken against the spread of the Corona virus.

What are the implications for you as regards our availability? Basically nothing, as our colleagues who, normally speaking, are contacted at the office will remain available and at your service through the same channels.

Our emergency service remains in use until further notice, so for breakdowns or fines please call:
UK: +44 (0) 175 66 365 24
Irl: +353 (0) 152 557 47

Do you need to block a DKV CARD in case of theft or loss? Just send an email to:

For Euro vignette orders we refer to the following website: www.eurovignettes.eu

» I wish to order a new DKV CARD
» I wish to set a limit on my DKV CARD
» I wish to order or cancel a toll box
In these cases, call +31 (0) 252 345 649 or send an email to orders@dkv-euroservice.com

» I have a question about an invoice
» I have a question concerning credits
Call +31 (0) 252 345 641 or send an email to vtnl-finance@dkv-euroservice.com

» I have a question about diesel excise and / or VAT refunds
Call us at +31 (0)252 345 640 or send an email to refunds@dkv-euroservice.com

We thank you in advance for your understanding if processing times for your applications should turn out slightly longer than usual in these exceptional times. We wish you the best of health.