Movers Trading Club

The following Overseas Group Members act as agents for the Movers Trading Club for shipments to the United States of America;

Abels Moving Services Ltd.
Anglo Pacific International Plc.
Bishop’s Move (London) International.
Breachwood Transport & Removals Ltd.
Britannia Movers International Ltd.
Burke Bros. Wolverhampton Ltd.

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Cadogan Tate Limited.
Clark & Rose Limited.
Clockwork Removals Limited
Crown Worldwide Limited.
Kelerbay Limited
DT Moving Limited.
Eagle Relocation Limited.
Elite Moving Systems Limited.
Eurogroup International Movers Ltd
Excess International Movers Ltd.
F+N Worldwide Moving Ltd.
Fox (Group) Moving & Storage Limited.
GB Liners Limited.
Geo. Copsey & Co. Ltd.
Gerson Relocation Limited.
Greens Removals & Storage Ltd.
HF Luxford & Sons Limited.
Harrow Green Removals Ltd.
Interdean Limited.
J. A Coles Ltd.
John Mason International Ltd.
Kellex Limited
McGimpsey Brothers (Removals) Ltd.
Momentous Relocation Limited
Movecorp Limited
Oceanair International Movers Limited.
Pickfords Move Management Ltd
Robinsons International Limited.
Roy Trevor Limited.
Simpsons Removals & Storage Ltd
Sterling Relocation Limited.
T. Bourne & Son Limited.
Team Relocations Limited.
The Shore Porters Society.
Uniscope International Movers Ltd.
White & Co. Plc.

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The British Association of Removers Ltd doing business as The Movers Trading Club is fully licenced and bonded under FMC Bond No: 013636