HMRC has issued a call to action to operators and traders moving goods between the U.K and E.U.

A letter is being sent to businesses that only trade in the EU and are registered with HMRC for VAT purposes. The letter is expected to arrive in the next few days.

It calls for these businesses to take three actions now:

1. Register for a UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number – something the RHA advised a month ago

2. Decide whether they will use a customs agent to make import and/or export declarations or will make the declarations themselves using specialist software

3. Contact the organisation that moves their goods to find out if they will need to supply additional information to complete safety and security declarations, or whether they will need to submit these declarations themselves.

The advice regarding safety andsSecurity declarations is incomplete, but it does reinforce the message given by the RHA several months ago that traders and operators must improve the quality of their paperwork in preparation for Brexit.

The RHA believes it is impossible that UK or EU businesses or authorities will be prepared for Brexit by the 29 March – just 79 working days away. A transition period is essential to avoid meltdown in supply chains.