The German Transport Minister this week announced plans to factor CO2 emissions into truck toll rates as soon as possible.

As reported in, the German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer is proposing that the European Union create a toll charging system that is CO2-oriented and encourages the use of more environmentally friendly vehicles.  The proposal includes the digitisation and connected vehicles using more environmentally friendly power.  “Not bans, restrictions and tougher regulations, but innovation should be the driving force behind the development of environmental protection in Europe over the next decade,” said Scheuer.

At the same time, the International Road Transport Union (IRU) is calling on the European Union to support the transport industry with €75bn in post-coronavirus recovery support “to embrace the future and focus on decarbonisation, digitisation and infrastructure.” “Logistics has been hit hard, but to put the figures into context – we have calculated that it would cost €64bn to exchange every diesel truck in Europe to an electric vehicle”, said an IRU spokesperson.

Transport companies are also warning of the costs associated with the European Union Mobility Package.  “The Mobility Package is a game-changer,” said Sjef Boekestijn, director of operations at Boekestijn Transport. “It will require huge investments from all the haulers in the EU, such as retrofitting tachometers and balancing networks so that trucks and drivers are in the right locations.”