by Sous-Prefecture in Calais

Lines to take for users of the Port of Calais

The Administrative Agreement signed at Evian on 6th July 2009 by the Minister of Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Co-Development for the French government and by the Minister for Immigration for the British government established the conditions for putting into place closer cooperation between French and British border control services in the Port of Calais. It also makes provisions for the use of the most advanced and appropriate technology for reinforcing the security of the common border.

In accordance with this agreement, a Joint Operational Coordination Centre (JOCC) has been operational since 8th February, bringing together representatives from Police aux frontières, Douanes, United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) and the Calais Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The objective of this centre is to strengthen cooperation and communication between the services, essential elements to the good management of working priorities and the integration of joint operations at port.

The latest x-ray scanning technology will also be installed. Its management has been trusted to French Douanes in the framework of the fight against fraud and the movement of illegal goods. It will therefore strengthen the existing control operations in the Port of Calais.

While allowing traffic flow to be maintained through better integration of currently independent controls, the scanner will begin operation for a trial period of 3 months starting from 19th April.