From January 1st, an obligation to form emergency corridors on Austrian motorways and expressways has been in force. An emergency corridor helps emergency forces to get faster to victims of traffic accidents. The decisive point is that all drivers join in forming the emergency corridor!

This is how the emergency corridor works: On dual-lane motorways and expressways, vehicles in the left lane move to the left as far as possible, while those in the right lane move to the right as far as possible, also using the breakdown lane, thus building the emergency corridor in between.

On three- or four-lane motorways and expressways, the same principle applies to the emergency corridor: All vehicles in the far left lane drive as close to the left as possible. All vehicles in the other lanes, including the centre and right-hand lanes, drive as close to the right as possible, also using the breakdown lane.

What is important is that a corridor of at least 3.5 metres is left as an emergency corridor right next to the far left lane. This emergency corridor may be used only by emergency forces (ambulances, fire fighters, police), breakdown and road service vehicles!

Please inform your drivers promptly and urgently about this amendment to the Austrian Road Traffic Act. On the one hand, this will help to save lives, on the other hand, fines of up to Euro 2180 will be imposed for not forming emergency corridors or in case of unlawfully driving on such emergency corridors.

Source: IRU