Further to the recent Call for Nominations for the Association-wide Elections, I am pleased to announce the following;

The BAR Online Election will take place on Monday 11th March 2024 – Friday 15th March 2024, closing at 16.00 to determine the successful candidates. Please read below individual candidates applications for the positions.

The main contact of each BAR Member will receive an email containing a link to the Online Election. This process forms an important part of the democratic structure of the Association. Therefore, please can I encourage all Members to participate by casting your vote. Members are reminded that the Election is based on a ‘One Member, One Vote’ basis.

* BAR Board Election – All Full BAR Main Contacts ‘One Vote’ per Member Company.
* Young Movers Group Council Election – Young Movers Group Member ‘One Vote’ per Young Mover Member Company.

The results to be announced, no later than 17:00 on 19th March 2024.

BAR Board of Directors – 1 x Directly Elected Director (DED)

***Online Election***

Matt Faizey – M&G Transport Ltd

Richard Webster –  Tonks Removals

Matt Faizey

M&G Transport Ltd

Ex- BAR Board Member, the youngest ever at the time, have built a substantial moving and storage company, renowned for excellence and continuous trading, from nothing, beginning as a Saturday delivery lad, now a company owner, I know the industry inside out, at every level.

Creator of the M&S Packer of the Year competition, still proving popular to this day.

The first person appointed from the moving industry to HBSG, due to consistent writings regarding key release times/short notice periods for movers.

Likely performed more in-person home surveys than any living person in the country, standing at more that 35,000.

Known for being outspoken, yet well educated in the industry, with particular focus on the issues facing movers due to the conveyancing process, with expressed and documented historical campaigns against late keys and exchange to completion timescales.

Please listen to the podcast on Moving Matters (episode 73), and see December 2023’s issue of R&S magazine for in depth recent interviews.

Wish to join to pressure the bar to become more prominent, relevant and desired.

Richard Webster

Tonks Removals

Married to Claire with two children Tom and Erin.  Started my removal career in 1991, straight from school and became a company owner aged 20 with my brother James after buying Tonks Removals.

We expanded this from a small local domestic mover to a large international moving company and gained lots of valuable experience along the way, I am up to date with all areas of transport and I am a CPC holder.

I am approachable type of person and happy to speak on behalf of the other Members and now feel I have time to give back to the industry to make it better for us all.

My reason for applying for the role of DED is to try and bring some fresh ideas to what the BAR can do for its Members, we are all trying for better recognition and improve the working environment for all our staff.

If Members get more from their membership, it will only encourage other companies to join or maybe re-join like us.  I would like to make the removal industry better for us all as a collective. BAR Members employ around ten thousand staff, very few have any professional qualifications or recognition for their skill and expertise.  The BAR is bringing in a young person’s apprenticeship scheme, which is very welcomed, but we need to appreciate and recognise the current staff as well.

I am happy to be available for anybody to call to chat through ideas on staff, training expansion or any removal related issues.

I am also happy to attend other Area Meetings to give feedback to the Board to ensure all Members voices can be heard. I have attended the last two BAR Conference’s, meeting many Members from all over the UK, which has inspired me to go for this role.

I hope to have a positive impact on how the Association operates and provide a good experienced link between the Members and the Board.

Young Mover Group Council – 4 x positions

***Online Election***

Gina Almandras – Britannia Movers International

Charlie Bennett – Bennetts of Malvern

Becca Clark – Britannia Beckwith

Alice Doucy – Bournes

Lisa Carey – Careline Moving & Storage UK Ltd

Harvey  Mallender – GB Liners

Matthew Myers – Britannia Goodwins Removals

Mark Shambrook – Curtis & Sons Ltd/White & Co PLC

Dan Start – Global Moving Services

Borislav Vasev – Top Removals

Gina Almandras
Britannia Movers International

I joined Britannia as a Corporate Co-Ordinator in 2010, despite having grown up in the removal industry, spending weekends and summer holidays helping at the family removal business. I transitioned from UK to International co-ordinator before progressing to Corporate Manager with my experience gained. My main responsibilities include managing and supporting the Corporate team alongside maintaining our Corporate partnerships.

I have attended various BAR training courses and workshops over the years, including Practical Estimating, Removals Masterclass and more recently Art of Communication and Performance Management having attended my first YMG Conference last year. What I have enjoyed most is the opportunity to meet with peers industry wide to build relationships and I think this group is perfect for that. I’m a great listener and open to what will benefit others, reliable and willing to put in the work to make things happen and always happy to be honest and a voice for the group. With my Corporate background, hopefully this would give another dimension/viewpoint and strengthen our group relationships.

Charlie Bennett
Bennetts of Malvern

I am Charlie from Britannia Bennetts, a family-run company, with nearly 40 years of heritage in the removals industry. Like many of you, I was drawn into this world from a young age and officially joined as a porter in 2018. Through dedication and commitment, I have climbed the ranks to become Assistant Transport Manager, earning my CPC certification last year. Beyond work, I find fulfilment in renovating removal trucks, a passion that complements my profound connection to the industry. I am thrilled to continue growing alongside this community and would take pleasure in contributing to its legacy.

My interests and aims for joining the council stem from a passion for the removal industry and a commitment to its advancement. With qualifications including a Class 1 HGV license and Transport Manager’s qualification, I aspire to elevate the image and standards of all aspects of our industry amongst my fellow Members, incorporating my first-hand experience and enthusiasm to reshape public perception. Additionally, I am dedicated to supporting the current committee while actively engaging and motivating younger generations (of which I belong) to participate in our vibrant community. I would like a more streamlined entry into the industry, fostering better communication with colleges and schools to make the pathway more accessible and inviting simultaneously with promotion of our inclusive group. Together, let’s champion excellence and drive positive change and image in our industry to all.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my application, I hope to be a part of your chosen team going forward!

Becca Clark

Britannia Beckwith

I fell into the family business 2017 after leaving college as I was unsure where I wanted to go with my career, luckily an admin assistant position had just opened up in the office. It was meant to be a temporary role, while I completed an apprenticeship and then find another job, but turned into working for Beckwith’s for 7 years (and counting)! Since then my main roles have progressed from admin assistant, then onto move coordinator, move manager and now, with our brand new Self Stores, Self-Store manager.

I have been a member of Young Movers since Brighton 2019 and in the last 5 years, I have made many friends in the industry through the events put on by the YM council. Having watched and attended many successful events that have been put on by the council, it has inspired me to want to become part of the planning process. Organising events and trips is a big skill of mine within my personal life, which would be easily adaptable to helping arrange the Young Mover events. I am also part of the Britannia Future Leaders group, which along with YM, has thoroughly helped my understanding of the industry whilst meeting with the same generation of movers.

Alice Doucy


I have been with Bournes for 10 years. I started as a Domestic Move Manager in 2014 and now manage the Move Management team covering Domestic, European & International Moving. During my time at Bournes, I have held roles in move management, sales, leading to my current role as Customer Services Manager and a member of the senior management team. I started at Bournes with no experience in removals or relocation and have grown to love it, whilst having great opportunities to develop knowledge and my career.

I have previously completed 2 FIDI courses and received diplomas in Essentials in International Moving and recently the MiM2.

I am interested in all aspects of the industry and always keen to learn new areas. I learn something new every day and that is why I love what I do. I have a passion for the industry, my team, and my company.

I would like to be a member of the council as I can see what a great benefit the Young Movers is to all of those in our industry – not only to those who have experience, but also to those who are new to the industry and just starting out their career. I think learning, development and growth is important, for our industry and individual. The YM Group gives us the opportunity to do that whilst meeting new people and creating friendships.

Lisa Carey
Careline Moving & Storage UK Ltd

I started with Careline when I was 19 years old. My first role was working in the office in sales and customer service. I worked in this role for a few years before getting the opportunity to relocate t our Cork Branch in 2016. I assisted with coordinating and with planning day to day. I continued to work my way through the operations department, I then relocated to our Dublin branch in 2019 as Operations Manager, in addition operations based role located in our Belfast depot.

Some of my favourite highlights and achievements have been within the last couple of years. I have completed my CPC Transport Manager course and was head of organising the FEDEMAC Young Movers Conference in Dublin 2022. I also attended and actively taken part in the FEDEMAC General Assembly representing Careline.

I have attended the last 4 young movers conferences and have always enjoyed and wanted to get involved in the board. I think it would be a good representation for Ireland and I think I could have a positive input.

Harvey Mallender

GB Liners

My career in the moving industry began after I completed my studies in 2018. That same year I was offered a position on the GB Liners graduate program, relocating from Yorkshire to Bristol for the job. My first week was spent with new removal operatives learning how to pack boxes and handle furniture (I had never packed a box before!). After several months of training, I started running the day-to-day operations at our Bristol branch. Since 2021, I have worked in the corporate side of the business, now working as a Business Development Manager.

Prior to working in the moving industry, I gained a degree in Sports and Exercise Science specialising in Performance Analysis and Biomechanics. Despite leaving the sport background behind, fitness is a big part of my life and I am currently training for the Bristol Half marathon.

Since starting at GB Liners, I have gained my international transport manager qualification and have completed BAR courses in cost management and international shipping.

My first young movers’ event was in Brighton, 2019. Despite only being in the industry for a year, everyone made me feel very welcome and right at home. Now, five years later, I feel like I have gained sufficient knowledge and experience to give back to other BAR members, enough to start helping others who were in my position five years ago.

I want to assist with the continued growth of the Young Movers by not only supporting our current Members but by providing support to any young people looking to get involved in the moving industry or Young Movers group. Assist with event planning and raising awareness for the Young Movers group. I would be grateful for the opportunity to take on this role.

Matthew Myers

Britannia Goodwins Removals

Having joined Britannia Goodwins straight after graduating from university, it was an industry I knew very little about. 5 and a half years down the line, I have been involved in a variety of tasks that now make up my day to day life. Learning how the removal staff complete moves day in day out, to progressing into a sales role, having to learn how to volume moves, creating bespoke quotations for clients, gaining a forklift license, passing my transport managers exam and now moving into an operational role. I feel I now have a good skill set, which will allow me to continue to develop within the industry.

Joining the YM council would be a great step for me to take in my career as I feel like this would allow me to gain further knowledge from my peers, outside of my own company. Having attended YM events already, I have a good relationship with a lot of people within the council. Being able to take this next step in my career will help me take experiences of others and adapt them to my own career, hopefully allowing me to bring new fresh ideas to the company I work for. I feel that I thrive when I am given responsibility and being part of the YM council will allow me to bring my own skills and ideas to the group. Being able to develop my network within the industry will only be of benefit and being part of the board will enable me to do that.

Mark Shambrook 

Curtis & Sons :Ltd/
White & Co PLC

I joined White & Co in August 2014 as a porter and was only meant to be with the company a short period. I really enjoyed my time with the company and decided to stay where I worked in my role for 4 years, I then was employed in the Portsmouth branch as Trainee management and went on to become the surveyor of our Head office at Botley.

After 4 more years, I became the assistant manager at Botley for a short period before being moved to Curtiss & Sons in November 2022 to take over the role as Manager.

I would like to join the board to assist with the fast growing of the Young Movers Group and be part of a something that is really enjoyable and rewarding.

I’d contribute hopefully sound ideas, advice and a great amount of time and effort into ensuring the best possible help to all members can be given along with assisting with planning and attending meetings along with any other requirements.

Dan Start
Global Moving Services

I have been in the removals industry since 2011 in various roles and countries. Starting in Pickfords as a trainee manager before finding my way to sales and moving to Sweden to assist with their new branch there. I have always migrated towards the sales part of the industry but have had roles in operations including managing a branch of Bishops Move in Aylesbury and as an assistant manager at their flagship warehouse facility in Thurrock. I am now with GMS who are part of the wide reaching AGM Group, focused mainly on trade relationships and moves.

I have over 10 years experience in the removals industry covering almost every part of the industry. Experience in sales, operations, business development and management allow me to pass some advice to younger members of staff and help them to advance in their strengths while also making them aware of some pot holes to avoid along the way as well. I was originally on the 1st council of the BAR Young Movers but unfortunately, due to a change in role and company, I was had to leave. It would be great to be a part of this again and help with the growth that the current council members have amazingly achieved. The removals industry as a whole really needs a new generation of young people injected into it with new ideas and philosophies. The BAR Young Movers are ideally situated to help these Young people grow in their companies while also helping them grow their own network, which will only benefit their companies. I would love to help the networking element of the council grow having run my own networking events previously and assist with company to company communication and partnerships.

Borislav Vasev

Top Removals

I am a graduate of International Trade and Economics from Bulgaria, and I relocated to the UK for further opportunities. In London, I began working part-time for a removals company while pursuing my studies. My dedication and skills led to a full-time office-based role, primarily focused on sales support. I am adept at leveraging my academic background in international trade to excel in sales and customer service. My journey reflects a commitment to continuous growth and seizing opportunities for professional development in diverse

I am keen to join the board of the Young Movers Group due to my passion for sales, networking, and implementing modern techniques within the industry. With a background in International Trade and Economics and experience in sales within the removals sector, I possess a unique perspective on adapting technologies and modern methodologies to enhance efficiency and customer service. My interest lies in leveraging emerging technologies to streamline operations and elevate the customer experience across all touchpoints.

Furthermore, I am enthusiastic about fostering collaboration and team management within the group. My drive to bring people together, coupled with my energy and dedication, positions me as a valuable asset for promoting teamwork and achieving collective goals. I am committed to contributing my expertise and insights to support the growth and success of the Young Movers Group, while also learning from fellow board members and expanding my own skills.

In summary, my blend of sales acumen, technological savvy, and dedication to customer service aligns perfectly with the goals of the Young Movers Group. I am eager to bring my enthusiasm, energy, and collaborative spirit to the board to drive positive change and foster innovation within the industry.