Further to the recent Call for Nominations for the Association-wide Elections, I am pleased to announce the following;

An Online Election will be held between 09.00am on Monday 6th March and 16.00pm Friday 10th March 2023, to determine those candidates to be elected to the BAR Board of Directors, Young Movers Group Council and QSS Board of Directors.

The main contact for each BAR Member will receive an email containing a link to the Online Election on Monday. This process forms an important part of the democratic structure of the Association and therefore, please can I encourage all Members to participate by casting your ‘Vote’. Members, please note the Election Rules below:


1. Those voting should confirm their company name and BAR membership number for the vote to be valid
2. Members are reminded that the Election is based on a ‘One Member, One Vote’ basis:
         a. BAR Board Election – All Full BAR Main Contacts ‘One Vote’ per Member Company.
b. Young Movers Group Council Election – Young Movers Group Member ‘One Vote’ per Young Mover Member.
c. QSS Board Election – All Full BAR Main Contacts ‘One Vote’ per Member Company.
3. All votes will be kept in the strictest confidence and not divulged under any circumstances.
4. Only the successful candidates will be announced.
5. Please note that votes cannot be changed or amended once they have been submitted.
6. The nominees, as representatives of Member companies, may vote if they wish to do so.

The results to be announced on 14th March 2023.

BAR Board of Directors – 1 x Directly Elected Director (DED)

***Online Election***

Tommy McNee – Guardian Moving & Storage Services Ltd

Mark Tresler –  Britannia Movers International PLC

Matt Williams  –JamVans

Tommy McNee

Guardian Moving & Storage Ltd

I started out at 15 years old in summer helping in commercial moving and quickly became a designated project manager by 19 years old, looking after large scale commercial projects and budgets for many blue chip clients within a family business. Sadly my father passed and in 2015 I joined Guardian as a HGV removals driver, since June 2015 within Guardian I have been obsessed with setting goals to move forward and became crew foreman, operations Manager, surveyor, business development manager, to finally co-owning the company within 6.5 years.

Since joining the Young Movers Council, I have been heavily involved for the last 4 years in the driving of ‘moving into the future’ and all things BAR, getting a great insight into the history and heritage of our Association, the past has set an incredible standard but like anything, I firmly believe the future can make it even better.

For those that do know me, you will know I have a big opinion on most things inside and outside of our industry. I believe I can contribute to the continuous improvement and need to drive change within BAR and our wider industry.

In our industry I have come from porter to owning our company, I believe a defined career pathway is paramount to the future and quality of our industry and would place a huge focus on BAR to push this to a wider audience.

I am systems and data driven, the proof is always in the pudding so to speak and to modernise the operations of BAR they need a ‘younger’ voice. A loud one.

Mark Tresler

Britannia Movers International PLC

61 years old with my best years still to come. 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter who keeps me young.

40 year career in a variety of industries.

Accountancy profession.
Foam moulded car seat manufacturers.
Electrical switch and socket manufacturers.
Paper napkin, cup, and plate manufacturers.
General and accountancy recruitment.
Removals and shipping.

Different industries requiring different skills and attitudes to gain success. That variety gives me a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to bring to the Board.

I would hope to use it wisely for the benefit of all BAR Members, large or small.

Britannia for 20 years.
MD for 13 years.

Accountant by profession which makes me different to all the other dyed in the wool removal men on the current BAR Board, but I believe I’m more than just a numbers man.

I’ve been on the BARS Board for the last 5 years and I believe I’ve brought a few things to the table. I’d like to see if I can do something similar with the BAR.

I’m keen to promote new young blood into the removals industry. There are not enough young people coming through and we need to do more to attract them.

I’ve also noticed through Britannia that there are more ladies coming through into senior positions, so I’d like to encourage that too.

Technology – Removals is a people business, but new technology is changing everything.

How should we adapt?

Finally, sustainability. We’re a long way from all driving around in electric trucks and vans, but there is still a lot we can do to help reduce carbon emissions. I’m not a tree hugger, but I do drive a TESLA.

Matt Williams 


I started in the removals industry in 2010, co-founding JamVans with Justin Yates. We started with a van and always focused on the quality of our service and how we could differentiate ourselves from the competition in a busy marketplace. Fast-forwarding 12 years and we have a fleet of 14 vehicles and team of circa 40. I currently work on scaling the business and developing new ideas and rolling out our business strategies. My latest project has been the implementation of our new 20,000 sq,ft warehouse and consolidating the use of our trade storage, operations and back office into one site.

12 GCSEs and 4 A/AS Levels, Hertfordshire Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016.

I am a member of a local running club and have completed 2 marathons with a 3rd on the cards. I enjoy F1 and travel to visit the races as well as reading and learning about business. Dragons Den and Shark Tank are my favourite TV programmes.

I would like to join the Board as I have some ideas about the promoting of the BAR. How many times have customers asked “Who are the BAR?”, “What do they do?”. BAR is great for the companies that are part of it, I think we should make it better for consumers too by making the website and branding much more customer focused. I have many ideas on this and is my area of expertise. Let’s bring our online presence up to date and promote excellence.

I would like to continuously work on improving the image of the removals industry and have a desire for it to be recognised as a skilled trade like one would value a plumber who is Gas Safe. With collaborative work I think we can get there.

Young Mover Group Council – 3 x positions

***Online Election***

Jordon Bignell – Britannia Quickmove

Nikki Jones – JamVans

Tom Mitchell – Gerson Relocation

Holly Oven – Britannia Alan Cook

Abigail Pogson – Specialised Movers (Taylors Removals)

Chris Turton – John Mason International Ltd

Jordon Bignell
Britannia Quickmove

I have been in the industry for 12 years now and have learnt a huge amount in that time. Having taken over Britannia Quickmove a couple of years ago, I have grown further in my knowledge and drive for making this industry better. I am acutely aware of the problems and issues facing our industry and feel I can further develop ideas to drive through effective change.

I am currently developing my knowledge further by studying a Leadership and Business qualification and am looking to bring further knowledge and drive to this role. I have an innate ambition to help develop this industry and the younger generation of movers to further heights and bring my experience and knowledge to driving forward realistic change.

I also enjoy the social aspect of the Young Movers Group and building a good relationship with my peers. With my previous experience in the Council I believe I will bring an additional level of knowledge to help the Council further.

Nikki Jones

I started at JamVans as a Domestic Move Coordinator. As JamVans discovered my knowledge of international shipping, we started to do more overseas work. I then started managing the European moves full time.

I discovered my passion for sales which then led me to adapt my skills to carry out virtual surveys, which proved very successful and changed the business model thereafter.

The biggest challenge I have faced in my career has been Brexit. My greatest achievement during this time was successfully sending a vehicle to Europe during the first few days of January once Brexit regulations were imposed.

Having started in the industry at 17 years old, I decided to endeavour in my career in removals by completing a one-year apprenticeship scheme for an International BAR Removal company. After completing my apprenticeship, I progressed into the export/imports department from there. I then decided to complete a BTEC during my time at the company, and now hold an NVQ and BTEC Diploma in Business Administration.

After going to my first BAR Young Movers Conference last year, I was enlightened by the energy and passion of my peers in the industry. I have so much I think that I can give this role, as I do have 13 years knowledge in this industry and am now mentoring an apprentice of my own. This is a deeply rewarding experience, and I feel this role would offer an equally fulfilling opportunity.

Tom Mitchell 

Gerson Relocation

I’m a seasoned member of the industry, with experience in Sales, Operations and in a past life removals operative.

Starting my journey in 2014 working for GB Liners as Porter in their Brighton Branch, this is where I learnt the very basics of the industry, packing domestically, exporting, and even completing my HGV. Working my way up to a Forman, running and completing removals day in day out.

Leaving GB Liners in 2021, I wanted to work my way into the office, expanding what I had already learnt to grow not only myself but another company, this is where I found a new role at Perfect Group. The role was very different in the beginning, I was taken on as a Junior Private Sales Surveyor. I used the wealth of industry knowledge I gained at GB Liners to show clients and colleagues how a high standard removal should be done. My senior left around 6 months of me joining, I was given the task of running the private sales department single handily, were each month we went from strength to strength, implementing changes to the level of service not only within the sales team, but within the road staff also.

Leaving Perfect Group in September last year, I was looking for a new challenge, here is where I found the role, I am in currently in working for AGM’S newly acquired arm of Gerson Relocation, our Branch is base is Rotterdam with me work purely remote, being one of the driving forces behind the sales team, specializing in international freight both Private and agent.

I could give many reasons why I would like to join, I feel I experiences could help others, not only that but bring new ideas to the table supporting hard work and high standards.

I find the whole industry interesting, with me already completing my HGV, I have a keen interest in operator and driver compliance, even down to its very base level I find packaging interesting, I have always thought how we can make it better, even do better with what we have, giving a better experience not only for person using it, but the client also.

Looking at my contribution, I would like to think change would be at the forefront of my mind, but looking at where I started, growth I feel is more appropriate, showing people if you work hard, listen and learn to can do anything within this industry.

Holly Oven

Britannia Alan Cook

I joined Britannia Alan Cook in 2020 as an Administrator and have since progressed to become our Transport Manager. My hard work and determination have allowed me to progress quickly within the company and I have introduced many practices, which have allowed the business to become more sustainable and efficient.

As a sociable and active person, when I’m not at work, I enjoy doing a diverse range of activities from watching Norwich City, to going out and trialling new restaurants and bars, to walking my dog on the beach, renovating my house, reading and yoga.

Prior to joining the moving industry, I decided to do an apprenticeship in accounting. I have qualifications in financial studies, business studies, accounting, and hold an international transport manager certificate of competence. I believe these have given me the knowledge, skills, and confidence to feel ready to take the next stage with my personal development by stepping up to this role.

Since becoming a Young Mover, I have learnt many skills and have met so many lovely people all whilst having fun. There is a massive amount of passion and determination from the younger generation, and it makes me so proud to be a part of the group.

For this reason, I would like to be a part of the Board to help encourage other young people to get involved as it is an invaluable support network. I am really keen to contribute to the future success of the group, therefore I would be grateful for the opportunity to take on this role.

Abigail Pogson
Specialised Movers

My whole working career has revolved around care and the social working industry until my circumstances changed and I chose a career change into removals. My removals career officially started in July of 2022 when I joined as an Administrator and jumped straight into domestic surveying and have since become Head of International Moves for the company as well as maintaining ongoing projects.

Along with this, I am now managing the other branch of Specialised Movers, Taylors Removals and Storage, where I am trying to rebuild the brand name and create a presence for a younger target audience.

Within my brief time in the removals business, I have completed the Manager Masterclass through the BAR and attended the Young Movers Conference 2022, which have vastly improved my knowledge of the industry.

When completing my degree at the University of Brighton, I chose to run for Women’s Officer and was elected to run for the year. Within this time, I completed multiple campaigns at the university including a career day drive to ensure women were represented within this.

My particular areas of interest within the Young Movers is for younger people to see removals as a career path, rather than most being brought in as their family have been in it for years, ultimately widening the diversity of the removals industry.

Secondly, due to my background in care and the social work community, I would like to contribute ideas regarding our older customer base and investigate ways in which we can support them further when moving and the processes leading up to this.

Finally, I would like to look at creating a report, like the tonnage report for Euromovers, in which the Young Movers can see how we assist each other and ultimately promote this network for new Members.

Chris Turton 

John Mason International Ltd

I started working in the Industry at Britannia Fleet, when I was 20 and have been in the industry for the majority of time since then (barring a minor hiatus). I am now 36, married and a father of 3 beautiful children, who clearly take after their mother in looks. I moved to John Mason in August 2021 to focus more on the International side of the industry as I find this weird and wonderful more interesting.

As stated, I have been in the industry for the majority of my working life and would like to think I have seen a bit of everything that removals has to offer, but still wind up getting surprised (most recently a bonded painting to BVI was interesting/challenging). I have First Aid Training, a full CSCS card and I’m currently undergoing a number of C.B.T. courses, to widen my knowledge on a number of factors.

My aims are to provide the best life possible for my family, doing a job that I enjoy. So far, I am being successful in one part, just need to progress to be able to provide a better life for my family.

QSS Board of Directors – 2 x Directors

***Online Election***

Joanne Ball – Quicksilver

Jessica Clarke – Clarkes of Amersham

David Homes – Restore Harrow Green

Kevin Mack – Company Moves and Storage Ltd

Joanne Ball


I am passionate and motivated Commercial Business Manager who has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I bring a wealth of over 15 years management experience and I am driven to be successful within my role / make a difference through my exceptional organisation skills and impeccable attention to detail.

Please see below and overview of my key responsibilities and achievements in my current position:

Key Responsibilities:
• Responsible for acquisition of new business.
• Producing tender bids to public and private sector.
• Facilitation of all large-scale projects.
• Responsible for maintaining 5 quality standards and carrying out internal quality audits.
• Responsible for Commercial and domestic site visits including estimates and risk assessments.
• Responsible for the retention of all large key accounts and associated meetings and administration.
• Responsible to internal business improvements including – marketing, brand and company website.
• Provided training to the Quicksilver staff to ensure their behaviours are an extension of the brand.

Key Achievements:
• Won large key tender bids with the lies of Home Group, Virgin Money, NHS and Northumbria Police.
• +90% success rate on all tender bids.
• Successfully grew the document storage side of the business over an 18-month period from 82,000 units to over 100,000 units.
• Sourced and rolled out the O’Neil Software system which automated the storage tracking system and improvement efficiencies.

I graduated from university in 2001 with 2:1 BA (Hons) degree in Psychology.

In 2009, I changed career direction and began working at Quicksilver with my initial brief being to improve processes procedure and customer interaction. The success of this plan was hinged on the Quality and I strongly believe to hold the title of ‘Quality Manager’ I should understand standards on a greater level and I enrolled on an auditor course. I gained CQI ISO9001 internal auditor accreditation the following year.

Since this time, we have introduced 5 additional ISO accreditations to the business, which are diligently followed and practices adhered to.

I believe my understanding of Quality standards can bring a level of knowledge which may benefit the Board when considering potential new standards and / or their continuation of standards.

Jessica Clarke
Clarks of Amersham

I initially joined Clarks in an administration role and since then have progressed within the logistical and operational areas of the business to overseeing the storage and warehousing side. Leading me to develop a bespoke stock and inventory system – TAD. I have since become Clarks Of Amersham Commercial Business and Quality Manager and look forward to seeing what I can achieve within these roles.

Having been educated to A Level standard my interest was always to not go onto higher education
but to gain practical experience within the business and contribute to the company’s success through hard work and endeavour.

This has led to me sitting on the Council of BAR Young Movers, which has not only been a great deal of fun but I have also learned a lot and found it beneficial to both me personally and Clarks. I would now like to join the QSS Board to go alongside my YM position, to hopefully bring not only my own experience but the voice of the next BAR Members. In addition to this, with me now being our Quality Manager I feel I will learn a lot from sitting on the Board and enable me to develop this side of my role further.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending as much time outdoors with my dogs and horses as possible.

David Holmes

Restore Harrow Green

I have been in the removal industry for 38 years with 5 years off as a Third Party Auditor. I have experience of third party assessment of compliance with ISO 9000, 14001, 45001, BS 8552, Lexcel, Chartermark (Customer Service Excellence) and other management systems. I am computer literate (MS Office).

I am married with a dog, a cat, and two children (grown up and working). I am a fellow of the Zoological Society of London. I am interested in wildlife, football, cricket, cinema, theatre, food, drink and politics (but not necessarily in that order).

Professional qualifications include:
• Ordinary Certificate in Removals Management (OCRM) (CPC Equivalent)
• Completion of ISO 9000 Series Lead Auditor Training (IRCA Certified Course)
• Completion of ISO 9000:2000 Transition Auditor Training (IRCA Certified)
• Certified Six Sigma Green Belt
• Completion of OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Training (IRCA Certified)
• Completion of Lexcel Assessor Training (Law Society)
• Completion of Charter Mark Assessor Training (Cabinet Office)
• Completed IOSH approved “Managing Safety” course
• Completed ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training (IRCA Approved)
• Level 3 VRQ in Waste and Resource Management

Despite the above my main interests are in reducing the administrative burden on operational functions resulting from “compliance” requirements. I would expect to contribute ideas and suggestions in support off the continuing development of QSS service and portfolio and may, on occasion, let someone else get a word in edgeways.

Kevin Mack

Company Moves and Storage Ltd

Joined Company Moves and Storage in 2002, after a very successful career as a chef, this being where I gained a passion for training my staff and passing on the benefits. Taking several courses along the way, to enhance the skills gained, so moving into our industry it was logical that I continued. These skills have been of benefit for the voluntary work I am involved in with, through Rotary, and let me to teaching on some subjects at a national level.

After many years involved in training, it is time to support the QSS Board and help them move forward. Respecting all the good things that they have done, some of my knowledge will be of benefit, having many qualifications in the H&S field. Most of my working life has involved training in one form or another and this is an opportunity to give something back to the removals industry and support the tea.

The qualifications are varied, coming from H&S Executive, Royal Society of Health (H&S at Work) and support with others from iHasco, NEBOSH and IOSHH.