The first round of scoring for this year’s competition was carried out by a panel of independent judges, from various organisations, who separately judged different elements of the entries without access to the other judges scores. This year has seen a comprehensive first round of judging, using more independent judges, and more judges with specific expertise in areas such as website analysis and the whole customer experience. Following this robust round of judging we are delighted to advise that the following companies have been shortlisted, in no particular order:

• Squab Group
• Kilmarnock Removals
• Maidmans Moving & Storage
• Andrews of Kent
• Clarks of Amersham
• Richard Healey Removals

Congratulations to those shortlisted. With regard to stage 2, those shortlisted will now need to submit a list of 6 recent customers (within the last 4 months) to on or by the 8th March 2017.