Brussels, 8 August 2018 – On 1 August 2018 DKV Euro Service launched the official field tests with DKV BOX EUROPE, the umbrella toll box (OBU) for Europe that requires just one contract and one uniform invoice while bringing countless planning and analysis options. In this context ten test boxes were supplied to transport firm Vervoer Engelbosch from Tienen, Belgium. Engelbosch is therefore the first Belgian transport firm to perform elaborate tests on the boxes for three months before their official market introduction in November.

Concluding test phase

The delivery of the first ten test boxes at Vervoer Engelbosch has heralded the first open testing phase since the frequent internal testing rounds already conducted on DKV BOX EUROPE. Following Belgian company Engelbosch, Dutch transport firm Don Trucking is next in line to receive ten boxes for elaborate testing. In weeks to come, thousands of boxes will be made available for testing. The purpose of all this is to x-ray the complete process that ranges from registration to invoicing and of course the reliability and accuracy of the online connection in the market before official delivery is launched in November.


As DKV BOX EUROPE was developed in close collaboration with prominent partners like Toll4Europe, DKV now has a reliable, industry-geared solution available for efficient toll billing all over Europe. As it conforms to the technical requirements set by all EU-countries the box is 100% EETS-compliant.

Belgian tolls will be the first that can be settled with the DKV BOX EUROPE. The German toll system will be integrated early 2019, after which Austria, France, Spain and Portugal will follow suit. Shortly afterwards the Scandinavian Öresund and Störebaelt bridges will be activated as well. New countries to come can just be activated over-the-air, which once more emphasises user comfort.

Michel Engelbosch obviously shows himself a contented man, as it was his company that was invited to become the very first Belgian transport firm to conduct these field tests: “For over twenty years our company have been putting all its efforts in promoting the well-being of our workers, putting great value on open communication. The DKV BOX EUROPE is reliable and user-friendly, which will no doubt add to the motivation of our people to carry out their tasks properly and so ensure the continuity of our business.”

Hans Cousserier, Team Leader of DKV Euro Service Belgium is more than proud that DKV is the very first service provider to have managed to deliver a fully operational EETS-box by launching DKV BOX EUROPE in the market. ”By introducing the test boxes we once more underline our pioneering role in digitalizing the haulage industry. All this was preceded by extensive studies, and we are elated that we are now able to provide our customers an excellent solution that enables settlement of all European tolls by using just one box. As clients are accustomed from DKV, this process, too, focuses on their interests and on bringing innovative services offering added value. DKV for instance provides first-line customer support answering all customer queries through a 24/7 telephone service. In addition, customers may count on detailed reports by which they can organise their business even more efficiently.”

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