The result is a combination of the apps DKV ECO DRIVING and DKV REFUEL PLANNING, brought together in the DKV BONIFICATION system. DKV ECO DRIVING works based on telematics data that help drivers to develop a more efficient driving style. DKV REFUEL PLANNING guides truckers to the cheapest service station via the shortest and cheapest route. “I am convinced that our collaboration is a good start for bringing synergies in digital solutions and helping truckers benefit from a more efficient driving style,” says Dr. Hendrik Rosenboom, Chief Digital Officer and Managing Director of the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES BUSINESS CENTER. “Our knowledge in the field of Europe-wide care on the road together with the expertise of TomTom in the field of navigation and route determination fit seamlessly together.”

From 2019 DKV ECO DRIVING and DKV BONIFICATION will be available for all DKV countries. However, DKV FUEL PLANNING will then be released step-by-step, depending on the pricing options of the country concerned.

DKV Euro Service

DKV Euro Service has been one of the leading service providers to commercial fleet operators in Europe for over 80 years. From cash-free service en route at more than 70,000 brand-independent acceptance points through toll billing to value added tax refunds, DKV offers a host of services for cost optimisation and effective fleet management on the road all over Europe. DKV is part of DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group, which employs around 930 people. In 2017, the group, operating in 42 countries, realized sales in the amount of EUR 7.2 billion. Currently, over 3.1 million DKV CARDs and on-board units are used by around 170,000 customers. In 2018 the DKV CARD was proclaimed Best Brand in the fuel and service cards category for the fourteenth time in succession. More information at

Source: DKV