The BAR are pleased to confirm that the Annual audit, carried out in June, on the effectiveness of the management and application of the CTSI Consumer Code of Practice, has again delivered a positive outcome. Contained within that report are the following statements:


“Across all CCAS criteria the BAR Code continues to work effectively. Constant review of membership criteria and strengthening where necessary have ensured the Code continues to be effective in protecting consumer detriment.”

“BAR represents the removal industry on the National Home Buying and Selling Group and helps to distil government requirements in relation to EU-Exit, Covid 19 restrictions etc to it’s members.”

The Audit Report reviewed:

  • BAR Member Applications
  • Member Inspections/Audits
  • Membership Withdrawal and Non-Compliance
  • Terms and Conditions and other Pre-Contractual Information
  • Marketing and Advertising by Members (use of BAR and CTSI logo)
  • Customer Service Provisions
  • Consumer Complaints Process – ADR (FHIO)
  • Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Audit Report Conclusion:

“BAR is continuing to fulfil its obligations as a Code Sponsor. BAR keeps in regular contact with all of it’s members ensuring that they are up-to-date with all legal/consumer issues and offering support where necessary. BAR represents it’s members on the National Home Buying and Selling Group, and therefore keeps abreast of any national emerging issues in the sector. Overall, the BAR Code continues to provide significant protection for consumers in the removals sector.”

We are delighted that the Annual CTSI Consumer Code of Practice Audit has once again confirmed the effectiveness of the BAR Code of Practice and would encourage all Members to make their clients aware of the outcome.

To read the full report please click here.