On the 8th of February this year, Sanjay Chibba, The Commercial Director at J A Steel & Son attended was invited to attend his  first CMG Council meeting at BAR’s offices in Watford. 

“When I received an invitation to attend a CMG Council meeting I was somewhat curious to see what actually happens at one as I had never attended one before. My concern was that it would probably be like an old boys’ network, with the largest CMG companies being self-serving and working towards their own interests and, probably a complete waste of my time. After some time spent pondering I decided to accept the invitation and see what actually happens at these meetings. And, if it was a waste of my time, I would know not to attend in the future.

“From the outset I was impressed with how helpful and welcoming the other Members were. Even before I arrived, I had received emails regarding places to park and the estimated duration of the meeting, along with the agenda and minutes from the previous meetings.

“On the day itself, I was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar faces of people I’d met previously either on surveys or at previous CMG Seminars/golf events. My preconceived thoughts were well and truly wide of the mark, as I was made to feel very welcome by all, (and it was definitely not an old boys’ network!). I was also surprised by the age range in attendance, as members from the Young Movers Group were also present.

“For me personally it was really encouraging to see the hard work the CMG Council puts in on behalf of its Members behind the scenes. It was evident that the Council Members are working hard to enhance and gain recognition for the CMG and our industry, raising the standards in which we operate via training and development courses, marketing options and lobbying government.

“I can happily say that I am pleased to have experienced my first CMG Council meeting and that I shall be attending more in the future.”