Business Relocation Areas of Expertise

All Commercial Moving Group (CMG) Members have the necessary experience and expertise to carry out Commercial Relocations of any size and of any duration.

The CMG understands that many FMs are now seeking an ‘ultimate mover’ for their projects and this is the standard that any CMG member provides. We are a customer-focused group who are committed to a high quality of service, which is shown in every member holding the Commercial Moving Standard BS 8522:2009

Moving Offices

Office moves are the mainstay of CMG members and each of them has a great deal of experience in successfully carrying them out. Whether local, nationally or even internationally they will have the skills, resources and knowledge to handle your relocation including the furniture, IT equipment and filing. They will work to your schedules and tailor the move to meet your needs.

moving offices
reconfiguring offices

Reconfiguring Offices

Organisations often need to reconfigure their workplace to meet their changing needs, never more so than during Covid-19. CMG members can offer a full service including a workplace survey to fully establish your needs and carry out the whole reconfiguration with the minimum of downtime and disruption and adhering to current health and safety practices.


The disposal of unwanted – often confidential – records must be considered and planned and not simply be left for the waste collection service. GDPR legislation places great responsibility and accountability on anyone holding ‘personal information’ and the disposal of any such data.

CMG members can provide a professional, confidential shredding/record destruction service either directly or through a licensed partner.

project management

Project & Move Management

Successful relocation depends on regular and accurate communication at all times throughout the process. From the initial appointment of a Contractor to Final Project Sign Off, when engaging one of our Members as your Project or Move Manager, you can be assured of constant updates and feedback at every important milestone of your move.

Crate Hire and Control

Your CMG Member will assess how many crates you will require to effectively relocate the contents of your entire office. All crates will be delivered as per the Move Schedule, transferred to their new locations and collected on an agreed date. You will be updated on outstanding crates to ensure that you are aware of any additional charges for late returns.

Crate hire
space planning

Space Planning

Starting with an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used, your CMG Member can provide you with an experienced designer who will draw up a plan defining certain zones of space, taking into account the activities and staff circulation patterns that occur.
In addition all the furniture, equipment and hardware placement will be numbered to assist easy identification during your relocation.

Furniture Audits

Your CMG Member can carry out a simple audit based on desk layout and usage to a fully detailed audit including every item of furniture from seating to storage, complete with photographic references if required.

furniture audits
disposal of furniture and electric goods

Disposal of Furniture and Electric Goods

Commercial relocations or workspace reconfigurations often involve changing the furniture and seating and updating electrical goods whether due to obsolescence or need. Our members do their utmost to avoid landfilling furniture whether by selling, donating or recycling them and similarly offer a fully compliant WEEE recycling and disposal service for electricals.

IT Relocation

All CMG Members can supply specialist IT services ranging from straightforward internal moves and changes, to full server relocations. Their professional approach to the operation will ensure that all IT equipment will be handled correctly, moved safely and fully protected, and will arrive at its destination on schedule and ready for recommissioning and continued use.

IT relocation
space planning

Filing Audits

Relocating, churning, refurbishing or restructuring are ideal times to consider a full audit of your filing; which will determine a detailed quantification and qualification of documentation by media type, conditions and utility.

This will highlight any inactive documentation in the office environment which will enable your CMG Member to recommend actions to make better use of your space.

Filing Relocations

Access to important files upon relocation is essential to the continued trading and operating of many office environments. CMG Staff have been trained in the relocation of filing in a sequential manner to ensure that all paperwork and filing is placed in exactly the same position as before it was moved, or as required by the client.

filing relocations
factory moves

Factory Moves

The additional knowledge and health and safety requirements for Factory moves, including in depth Risk Assessments and Method Statements along with specialist equipment and highly trained staff, ensures that heavy and difficult pieces of machinery are moved with ease, but under strictly controlled and monitored conditions.

Laboratory Moves

The key to a successful Laboratory move is in having a full understanding of the hazards involved, along with knowledge of the sensitive nature of the equipment to be moved.

Specially trained staff will be deployed throughout the project to carry out all packing and preparation for moving, and thorough method statements and risk assessment will be put in place beforehand.

laboratory moves
library relocations

Library Relocations

From a small reference library to that of a major university (both of which could include the dismantling and rebuilding of shelving), a CMG Member company will ensure that the move is planned to perfection in order to maintain book sequence or in some cases the need to integrate or merge collections.