The RHA continues to call for action from the UK government, who must put pressure on French authorities to crack down on migrant attacks around Calais.

This follows a radio interview from the RHA’s Rod McKenzie, who spoke out on BBC radio yesterday about the ongoing migrant crisis in northern Europe.

Relaying the details of a terrifying attack suffered by an RHA member recently when a gang of around 20 migrants used roadblocks, knives, iron bars and bricks in an attempt to stop and gain access to a lorry heading back to the UK, Rod explained that these attacks are continuous and seem to be getting worse.

“It’s a problem that’s been with us for some time. I’m afraid it’s not going away, and probably it’s getting a little bit worse at the moment,” he said.

“For example, we heard one of our members was attacked on Saturday morning by a group of around twenty immigrants in the Calais area.

“They basically jumped on the front of his truck while he was driving along, which is incredibly dangerous. The driver obviously had to stop, so the migrants put out road blocks and bricks on the road. Then they climbed up onto his trailer with knives and iron bars and a brick was thrown through his windscreen.”

Rod also highlighted just how important trucks are to the UK economy, pointing out that we rely on trucks to bring us everything we consume in Britain, but don’t often understand  what some of these drivers have to go through in the face of these highly organised immigrant gangs.

“A lot of drivers are now no longer doing the cross-channel route because they’re so frightened of being subjected to one of these attacks. The drivers’ families are frightened, too, and are stopping them from taking these jobs,” Rod said.

The RHA is calling once again for the UK government to act to ensure that French authorities step up their policing efforts in these areas, to keep truckers safe and cross-channel trade flowing.

Hauliers experiencing issues with migrant gangs in northern Europe can contact the RHA Calais Incident Reporting Line. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the dedicated line has been set up to make it easy for haulage companies to report incidents.

The number to ring if you or any of your drivers have experienced any sort of migrant activity in France or elsewhere is (+44) 1274-863111.

Callers will be asked for their name, what happened, the exact location of the incident and what damage was caused. The RHA will then pass the information to the Home Office and Border Force teams.


Source: RHA