DKV Euro Service, one of Europe’s largest transport industry service providers, consolidated it’s presence in the UK in April this year when it became a member of the RHA International Group. As Heather Wallace, International Group Manager said: “Whilst several group members already take advantage of DKV’s services, having the company as a group member enables it to become involved in group events, and promote the full mobility package that DKV has to offer.”

Describing just how extensive that mobility package is, Gertjan Breij, DKV Euro Service Managing Director, tells me, “We are present in 42 countries, servicing 120,000 customers.” Known best for their fuel, toll and VAT refund services, Breij explains the company’s broader aims are set out in its five core principles: flexibility, efficiency, cost-saving, compliance, and continuity. For customers, that means taking care of all the boundaries they face in the market to get their loads from A to B on time.

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